We created videos of entering Lotte World Tower and the Media Cube in Lotte Plaza.
The video for Lotte World Tower features a media facade, while the video for the Media Cube
was created in an anamorphic format.
Since our video is shown where many people pass by, we aimed to showcase simple, positive,
and entertaining visuals.
Client : Lotte P&D
Management : IF WORKS
Art Direction : StudioTDL
3D Design : StudioTDL
Animation : StudioTDL
Sound Design : Opsent

Will you play with me?

Everyone has a childhood, but we live by forgetting those days.
It is natural for young children to imagine and express their emotions freely,
but as time passes and we grow from children to adults, we become numb to them.
It contains a message to re-feel the free expressions and innocence of childhood that we have forgotten in our lives.

Lotte World Tower Media Facade

The Lotte Tower media facade video was also created with variations on the same theme.
Considering the low resolution and less favorable visibility,
we focused on simple actions and intuitive expressions.
The Smiles play on a trampoline, slide, spring rider, swing, and more.
We also designed lights on the sides and top of the tower, using animations and colors that match the video.
With the video appearing on the landmark of Seoul, Lotte Tower,
we hope that a positive message reaches many people.


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