This is an sculpture project that resembles nature.
To remember the vitality and nature of nature, we designed artifacts that resemble nature. Through the video, we expressed the encounter and harmony between natural and artificial objects.
We explored the shapes of natural objects in the mountains and seas.

Tree / Stone / Coral / Seaweed
A stream of lines extending from the roots
bumpy bends and long splits that occur when bumped, swept, and detached.
Bloated shapes and holes, where they are concentrated and united
Wavy form and volume in all directions

The video also contains the sounds of nature (rain, bird, wind, water, etc.) so that you can feel nature richer. 
Please enjoy the visual and auditory video of nature.
Please watch our videos and sculptures for a long time.
You will feel nature and discover new feelings at the same time.

This project is a video for our brand <SEELOOKWATCH>.
SEELOOKWATCH is an artwork brand that makes 3D objects by studying shapes and textures.
Through the steps leading to (See) → (Look) → (Watch),
we want to draw people's appreciation of life beyond temporarily consumed images.

thank you for watching!

Art direction, 3D artwork, Motion graphic
by StudioTDL

music : Oran Loyfer - Days

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